Looking for responsive leads for your telemarketing or mailing campaign? has just what you are looking for. We supply the the industry with the most responsive mailing lists available on the market today. The data we offer is generated weekly so deliverability is very high.

Because our data is so fresh, the disconnect rate is at very very low. Your outbound campaign will find a consistent high closing ratio that can be achieved weekly. We understand how difficult it is to find a consistent lead source the you can bank on. Whether you are offering a program for your secured / non-secured package or credit restoration offer, we can deliver data that allow your company to grow. It doesn't really matter if a consumer needs to buy an online financial ebook about penny stock picks or health and wellness howto book about gynecomastia, or even paying for a fishing charter on Lake Ontario. Regardless what it might be, it is sometimes nearly impossible to function without at least some credit in the form of a credit card. In this current economy, which is breeding bankruptcies and late payments, there is an ever growing population that is need or will soon need credit repair.

In 2005, congress made new laws making much more difficult to file for bankruptcy but according to, there was still over 1.5 million personal bankruptcies filed. If you are targeting specific states for new prospects may find this table that breaks down each states bankruptcies

Stop wasting time going through dead files and give us a call today. Fill out a quick form so we can better serve you. Takes only a minute and we will respond back to you within hours. We are more than happy to send you a sample file before you purchase.

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